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29 June, 2010
Man, sorry this is so late :( I've had crappy luck with everything the last few days. Problem #1 I can't tell you about yet (it's still going), but problem #2 is that my laptop is dying. I went to Best Buy to look at new ones, and I found the perfect one. Huge screen, 6GB RAM, 500GB HD, core i7 (an Asus). It even had a 2-year no-interest payment plan, and they had exactly one left. So what was the problem? I couldn't get approved for the whole amount. I got about half, which I don't understand, because I got my credit report just last week and as far as I can tell it's flawless. Of course they told me, "The payment plan applies to this half - all you have to have is the other half!" Yeah, 'cos I really have $700 just lying around.

On a lighter note, happy birthday Craig! I love you sweetie!

[Edit] Apparently putting in the heart characters broke the RSS just imagine them for me ;)