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Pink Parts :: Cast


Stage Name: Bubbles
Real Name: Linda Jeffries
Job: Dancer
Tattoos: none
Piercings: ear lobes, right industrial, navel
First seen: page 1

Bubbles wandered into the club one night looking for a job. A "club virgin,"
she got onstage despite obvious trepidation, but wouldn't tell anyone why she
was there. The well-meaning but inexperienced newbie almost immediately
started running afoul of the unspoken rules that all the veterans know - and
she conveniently forgot to tell her best friend what she was up to.

Nickname: Haggis
Real Name: Angus McCadden
Job: Bouncer
Tattoos: biohazard on left bicep
Piercings: none
First seen: page 1

Haggis keeps order in the club, mostly sticking to threats but unafraid
to bash a few heads when necessary. His tattoo means "I'm hazardous to
your health," but good luck getting any further explanation out of him.

Stage Name: Cinnamon
Real Name: Kristina Reyes
Job: Dancer
Tattoos: purple cinnamon flowers on right arm
Piercings: ear lobes, genitals
First seen: page 2

Cinnamon is an old hand at the stripping scene. She stripped for an unknown
but probably significant amount of time, then quit when the club became too
seedy for her self-respect. When her friend Portia discovered Pink Parts, she
convinced Cinnamon to return to dancing. (The story in Cinnamon's own words
is told on page 53.)

Cinnamon shares an apartment with her younger sister, Dani, who seems to
take issue with her sister's occupation, even though she got rather close
with Leah at a Halloween party.

Name: Raymond Welsh
Job: Club owner
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
First seen: page 3

Name: Ceejay Byrnes
Job: DJ
Tattoos: none
Piercings: right ear lobe
First seen: page 5

Ceej spins the tunes for the girls, and it's no small responsibility -
the energy in the club is mostly up to him. The pressure doesn't seem
to bother him, though. Calm and easy-going, he manages to keep himself
busy in the boring job that all his friends are jealous of. Always
knock before entering his booth.

Stage Name: Baby
Real Name: Eleanor Brice
Job: Bartender, dancer
Tattoos: butterflies on back
Piercings: ear lobes and cartilage, navel
First seen: page 7

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